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Independent Contract Collection
Account Specialists Provided With
Local Personal Service

Denali Escrow Services, Inc. professionally provides account management and payment processing for all parties within each contract collection account. We provide:
  • Flexibility
    We can handle unique contract collection accounts.

  • Documents held in office and easily accessible
    All documents are secure and safeguarded.

  • Process the installment payments for your contract
    For each payment the principal and interest accruals are tracked with the funds disbursed to the payee as instructed.

  • Reserves held for taxes and insurance
    We offer the accounting for insurance and property tax reserve deposits and payments.

  • Automatic withdrawal and deposits available
    These services can be implemented at any time upon the completion of the required forms.

  • Payment Reminder Notice to Buyers
    We provide payment reminder notification to buyers; however we are not a collection agency and cannot demand payment or make payment arrangements with buyers on behalf of sellers.

  • Full documention
    We provide payment coupon books for buyers on an annual basis, monthly statements, payment remit notices to sellers and a year-end statement of your account inclusive of the required Form 1099 and Form 1098 tax reporting documents.
As we service each individual contract collection account, we encourage account holders to review their account online often and to contact us with any account inquiries. (Important Note: There is a 30 day notification period for reporting any discrepancies to customer service at Denali Escrow.)

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Fairbanks, AK
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