Denali Escrow Services
Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00am - 4:30pm
Closed: Saturday, Sunday & Major Holidays
(See Holiday Schedule)
Independent Contract Collection
Account Specialists Provided With
Local Personal Service
2024 Escrow Fees

Basic Fees:  
Set-up (all account balances) $60.00
Account Servicing Fee (according to Beginning Principal):  
To $25,000.00
Over $850,000.00
No Balance type
Tax and insurance reserve services: $ 48.00 per year
Special Fees & Services:  
Account analysis to Cure Note Default
Assumption fees
Assignment of beneficial Interest
Additional disbursement
Closing Costs-at the end of the contract
Balance Adjustments/Corrections
Direct deposit
Escrow analysis
Escrow cancellations
IRS required back up withholding
Research (per hour)
Minimum fee
Per copy
Payoff quote
Partial release
Reinstatement fee
Fax fees
Verification of Mortgage
NSF payment reversal (uncollected funds)
Payments advices (buyer)
Stop payments
Late Notices (charged to the buyer, per noticed)
No charge (payee)

Terms & Conditions:
Denali's fees are based on its current fee schedule, but as to future years it reserves the right to adjust its fees without advance notice. Future annual fees of this collection shall be due and payable during January of each year. Denali shall have the right to deduct and apply its fees then due from proceeds of payments received. In the event a payment received and deposited by Denali is returned for non-sufficient funds or account closed, Denali shall charge a $30.00 NSF handling fee and may require future payments to be made with collected funds.

****A new fee schedule is issued as of January 1 of each year and is effective for the entire year. Fees are charged in accordance with the fee schedule for the year in which they are due. Annual fees are due at the beginning of each and every contract year, and special requests and/or other fees are due when services are rendered. Fees that are not paid in the month due will be taken from the next payment received.

PO Box 74171
Fairbanks, AK 99707
Ph 907-474-3745
Fax 888-521-4786
515 7th Avenue, Ste 320,
Fairbanks, AK
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